Knowing this ONE bit of information will instantly lessen your anxiety

Oh my god people. The few followers that I have. Listen to me. I have just had an epiphany.

One that has already begun to make me feel better than I was just a few moments ago in my blog ‘I’m a lazy, depressed zombie’.

Knowing this ONE bit of information will instantly lessen your anxiety. But you have to believe it, okay? Have faith in this. Now it might not work for everyone, because we all have different types of mental illnesses and I’m no doctor.

Firstly, this is how my anxiety fixing epiphany came about. I went to the dentist today just for a check up. He said my teeth were fine thankfully (apparently I take good care of them) anyway, I said my gums bleed sometimes and he said it could be a bit of gingivitis, and to floss as well as use the products I do. That’s a simple solution to a physical problem.

So then I compared the issue of my teeth to the issue of my anxiety. And I figure that the problem is NOT my attitude or behaviour or even my confidence and self esteem. The issue is a physical one.

The physical problem of a chemical imbalance in the brain. Or hormonal imbalance. Armed with this information, I can categorise my anxiety as a physical problem, thus giving me a get out of jail free card to use my mental capacity to FEEL NORMAL. Am I making sense?

A physical impairment doesn’t inhibit my personality does it. So there you are, that’s my epiphany.

As I take a sigh of relief, safe in the knowledge that my mental disability is exactly the same as a physical one – you just can’t see it, I begin to realise that it isn’t ME that is the problem. I’m a pretty amazing human being. I’ve achieved lots and I go on to push my life to the farthest regions of success.

I’ve been working on my confidence and self esteem for years. I’ve built it up quite nicely. It runs above the physical impairment. They are not the same. And that’s the key.

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