Take your time, and confidence will come

We both talked about how we were introverts.

I met a friend face to face whom I met online previously for the first time yesterday, and we got on pretty well. We had a lot in common.

Although I didn’t talk about my anxiety, he did not seem to mind talking about how he was quieter than his friends. Not laddish. The night air was cool, and the water smelled sweet. The boats were deadly still, as if they stood on firm ground instead.

I agreed. I was introverted too, I said, I turned to look at a yacht stood among the others. It was larger than the rest, and held a sort of foreboding presence. And when he went on to discuss how he feels held back at work in his professional life I couldn’t make any more agreeable noises if I tried.

I too have been held back because of my introverted nature, my social anxiety. My anxiety full stop. But does this prevent our ultimate success?

“It gets better in time.” I turn to him as we walk at a leisurely pace. ” With age comes wisdom.”

He seems to listen to my advice. And it’s true. It does get better in time. As we grow older we learn to deal with our anxiety in a way no one can teach us. We are self-taught in how to manage certain situations; and those that continue to prove elusive – it’s only just a matter of time before you get the job you’re looking for.

“Shall we take that yacht and sail away?” He smiled mischievously, pointing to the biggest one in the marina.

“Where would we go?” I laugh.

“Caribbean.” He says, without hesitation.

The key is to never give up. Introverted or not; take your time, and you will surely get there. Think: the hare and the tortoise. Slow and steady… whether you win the race or not.


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