My anxiety kicks in hardest when I’m alone

Living away from family and friends at university has been difficult.

Livinf with anxiety is tough enough, but the anxiety one feels when overcome with loneliness is tremendous.

It helps when my new friends and flat mates are around to talk to me. But when I’m alone again I feel that same dread wash over me.

It’s even worse when something I have to do causes me enormous stress, which adds to my anxiety.

My mental well-being is important to me. But there are some things out of my control, like being alone.

I tell myself to work on the things in my control though; like dealing with the matter causing stress.

So I’ve decided to cut that factor out, so that I can handle things that are out of my control better.

Loneliness is a difficult feeling to navigate. But once you’ve taken steps to alleviate some of the circumstances that lead to feeling anxiety when alone, you’re one step closer to wellness.

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