I feel like running away

When everything seems to be going fine, anxiety slaps me in the face.

It asks; how dare you try and be okay.

When things get a bit too much for me to handle, I want to bolt. But the problem with running away is that you take your issues with you. So I stay put and fight it out. No matter how much I want to run away.

When we run away and hide, social anxiety sufferers feel inadequate. We don’t want to put the energy and effort into being ‘normal’ because it’s like trying to change who we are.

But if Anxiety is a part of us, is running away going to help?

I enjoy running in the woodland. It helps me focus and allows me to push myself physically. Recently my knees haven’t been so good and I haven’t been able to run. Maybe this is why I want to practice it mentally too.

But if it’s safe to do so, I recommend going for a walk, jog or run; whichever fitness level you are at and whatever your physical health allows you to do. Because running, or walking is a hell of a lot better than the metaphor.


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