Don’t let fear stop you from living your life


It makes your heart beat faster, as the blood pumps through your aching limbs.

You’re sweating. You’re suddenly aware of all the pairs of eyes trained on you.

You’re feeling a bit dizzy. Your mouth has gone dry. You can feel the threat of a red face pricking at your cheeks.


It helps us to run or hide, fight or flight from that which may cause us harm.

The harm for us, those with anxiety, particularly the social kind, lies in humiliation. What does this person think of me?

I’ve pushed myself to do many things to push the boundaries of my own social anxiety. And with every victory, comes Fear.

It stops me from thinking clearly. I can’t concentrate, or listen properly. In fact I can’t think at all.

But I don’t stop. I have my really terrible days when all I want to do is dissapear. But I have good days too; when I’m making progress and feeling successful.

It’s okay to feel fear. Just don’t let it stop you from doing what you want to. Because you’ll still ride the ride. It’s just going to be fairly bumpy along the way.


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