Anxiety is my superpower

Anxiety makes me sad. It makes me angry, confused. It makes me feel pathetic and worthless.

I fight with those closest around me, even with the tiniest upset. The smallest argument. Insignificant things.

But my feelings of dismay and disarray return; when I stop to rest. If I don’t constantly push myself, I get tired. I start to feel down.

So anxiety is what keeps me going really. It’s my superpower. I can avoid people and situations expertly with it. I can sense other people’s emotions and attitudes towards me, so finely tuned; that I can even hear their thoughts, don’t ya know?

Anxiety is my superpower. I can delay my life, all of my successes and achievements with it. I can use the superhuman strength and ability it gives me to feel physically ill. My limbs ache, my head spins. Lights are far too bright. I’m unsteady on my feet, but all the better to fly, right?

I can’t live a normal life, to be brutally honest. But which superhero can?


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