Dealing with guilt – Living with anxiety

It seems to be a common theme.

Be brave. Think about your actions. Feel guilty.

Guilt is one of the harshest feelings. It makes you feel sorry for the bad things you may have done to other living beings. But what if the guilt you feel is a side-effect of anxiety?

It’s not hard to imagine feeling guilty for not helping the homeless old man sat outside of London’s Kings Cross Station, with all of the possessions he owns in the world in plastic bags from Aldi. And the guilt one feels for probably feeling worse than him. Angry at the world, though I have a home.

My anxiety makes me overthink. I ponder over every detail, and I try to think about the world in its entirety. Everything that’s right with it and everything that isn’t.

I feel guilty that I am angry, sad and everything in between. I feel guilt when my emotions erupt and I snap at the nice man at the ticket barriers because he can’t tell me which platform my train is on.

I feel guilt when I expect the world to pat me on the back if I succeed in something. And I feel guilt when it doesn’t care.

Living with anxiety is terrible, but it’s even worse when one feels guilty – all. Of. The. Time.



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