I am silent – Anxiety and self-doubt

Today I’m accompanied by the great Black cloud of Doubt.

It looms over me with a seriously enormous presence.

Everyone else seems to be able to do it. Anything they put their minds to. To me, they’ve got what it takes. They’re comfortable in their own skins. But I am inadquate.

I’m small, I’m insignificant and I am not good enough. Am I? Well, the black cloud tells me so.

Simple tasks seem insurmountable. When I hesitate, Mr Anxiety taps his feet impatiently, and watches me with a grimace.

It’s all very well me telling myself I’m worth something. But my voice is so small, next to the roar of the black cloud which just won’t go away.

This doubt is destroying me. Yet, I am silent.

Don’t tell anyone. It’s better if they don’t know.


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